Does chocolate really pair to wine?

With Valentine’s Day just right around the corner, I spent a little time on the Jason Show this week chatting with Jason about pairing wine to chocolate.  While many do enjoy the pairing together, do these two indulgent treats really pair all that perfectly? Check into my segment this week as I reveal my tips… Continue

Women In Wine: Vanessa Lisovskis of Bourget Imports

This is our new blog feature, Women In Wine! Once a month, we’ll profile a badass woman in the wind industry and ask her how she makes it all happen. Enjoy! MEET: VANESSA LISOVSKIS OF BOURGET IMPORTS What brought you to the wine industry? Always a very circuitous route that leads one here, I suppose.… Continue

New Year, New Wines!

A new year could mean the break of trying on some new wines — what do you think? Don’t miss my latest segment on The Jason Show as I show off a variation of new grapes for a wide selection of wine lovers! From light + full bodied whites to juicy + full structured reds… Continue