Father’s Day Wine Picks on The Jason Show

Grill goods, summertime sippin + Dad’s Day — an amazing way to welcome in the summer season! This week on The Jason Show — I recommend a slew of delicious summer sips perfectly paired to a variety of grill goods and your Dad’s Day celebrations! Take a Look 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 All of the wines from the… Continue

Wine + Cheezits!

Just when you thought we had paired to everything… We give you…WINE + CHEEZITS! This week on the Jason Show — I pair to SIX different Cheezit flavors, giving you the best overall grape varietals + wine styles for each.    >>> Click this link to watch the FULL SEGMENT  <<<   Here’s the list… Continue

Aphrodisiac Foods + their Wine Pairings for your Valentines Day date!

Looking to zhuzh up your Valentine’s Day date plans? This week, I cover a number of aphrodisiac foods, a bit of their history, why they’re ‘good for your day of love’ and what wines they’ll actually pair to. This segment is loaded with lots of good belly laughs + handfuls of fun LOVE oriented food… Continue

A Wine Primer — Understanding YOUR wine palate 🍷

Ever wondered WHY you tend to like certain styles, grapes or regions of WINE? Wine can be a confusing space when you head to that retail shelf.  Which is why I spent some time on the Jason Show this week chatting to how the WEIGHT of wine could help you decipher alot in this area. … Continue

What does a SOMM drink on tropical vacation?

So many people ask me this when I’m away on vacation — “Leslee what does a sommelier actually drink when going on a ‘non wine’ vacation?’ Great question!  If I’m not actually headed to a wine region or locale, I do have a few simple tips for tapping into some tasty libations.  Equipped with a… Continue

Bubbles for every occasion, palate + pricepoint — just in time for NYE!

Bubbles for Every Occasion! From your bubbly brunches to your boujee gift sets — check out my list of Must Have Bubbles for every pricepoint, palate + occasion! Where to find (and buy!) these delicious gems in the order they were presented! Mas Fi Cava (white) + Rosé  Leslee’s Two Favorite Bubbles of the Year! … Continue

EASY last minute appetizers for your Thanksgiving Weekend

Looking for EZ apps for your holiday season? Look no further, your Chef/Somm ‘Dynamic Duo’ is here to the rescue with 4 apps paired to wine for whipping up just in time for visiting friends + family! Ready, set, tune in to our Jason Show Segment! Wines + Recipes for each App + Wine Pairing… Continue

Pinot is the Reason for the Seaon

Oooooo, fall — one of our favorite seasons! Grab your cashmere + don’t forget your glass of PINOT — aren’t these two just the perfect fall pairing? Check in with my latest ‘Fifty Shades of Pinot’ segment on The Jason Show + learn more about this beautiful thin skinned grapes, its many shades, pairings, styles… Continue

2021 MN Grape Stomp!

How’s the 2021 vintage for MN coming along?  Check out my latest segment with The Garden Guy, Dale K, and the Fox 9 Team as ‘crush’ our way through a barrel of Frontenac Noir grapes while recapping MN’s summer wine growing season!  

Best ‘Wine Based’ Drinks at the MN State Fair 2021

My goodness, if you missed this week’s Jason Show segment featuring my list of the MN State Fair’s BEST WINE BASED DRINKS — you’re about to get a good chuckle! Jason + I always have an amazing time at the fair, but this year…well, you tell me who had a better time in this segment.… Continue