Father’s Day Wine Picks on The Jason Show

Grill goods, summertime sippin + Dad’s Day — an amazing way to welcome in the summer season! This week on The Jason Show — I recommend a slew of delicious summer sips perfectly paired to a variety of grill goods and your Dad’s Day celebrations! Take a Look 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 All of the wines from the… Continue

Wine + Cheezits!

Just when you thought we had paired to everything… We give you…WINE + CHEEZITS! This week on the Jason Show — I pair to SIX different Cheezit flavors, giving you the best overall grape varietals + wine styles for each.    >>> Click this link to watch the FULL SEGMENT  <<<   Here’s the list… Continue

Aphrodisiac Foods + their Wine Pairings for your Valentines Day date!

Looking to zhuzh up your Valentine’s Day date plans? This week, I cover a number of aphrodisiac foods, a bit of their history, why they’re ‘good for your day of love’ and what wines they’ll actually pair to. This segment is loaded with lots of good belly laughs + handfuls of fun LOVE oriented food… Continue

A Wine Primer — Understanding YOUR wine palate 🍷

Ever wondered WHY you tend to like certain styles, grapes or regions of WINE? Wine can be a confusing space when you head to that retail shelf.  Which is why I spent some time on the Jason Show this week chatting to how the WEIGHT of wine could help you decipher alot in this area. … Continue

What does a SOMM drink on tropical vacation?

So many people ask me this when I’m away on vacation — “Leslee what does a sommelier actually drink when going on a ‘non wine’ vacation?’ Great question!  If I’m not actually headed to a wine region or locale, I do have a few simple tips for tapping into some tasty libations.  Equipped with a… Continue