Holiday Pairing to…

I have a good friend, Jeannine, who has spent the good part of her year pairing to something quite fun and unusual – Cheesecake!  Isn’t that fun?  Jeannine, a serious foodie, I knew when I met her…as she sat front row in one of my Cooks of Crocus Hill Classes.  Brite eyed and wanting to… Continue

Looking for a Fun NYE Experience?

I have been singing their praises for months now (almost just as long as they’ve been open!)…so I hope you’ve had a chance to get out and enjoy this super cool new hot spot for Wine and Eats in Minnesota. Who?  Nectar Wine Bar Where?   204 Central Ave, Osseo, MN Why?  Because they’re one of… Continue

A Great Christmas Gift

Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s or the next upcoming holiday to give…might I give a suggestion for a fool-proof way to impress even your finest foodie friends. We gave a few of these out this year and they happened to be a big hit with everyone.  Zingerman’s Bacon Club! What the hay is Zingerman’s?  The… Continue

Merry Christmas Las Vegas

Upon a very short to Las Vegas this past weekend, I was reminded of some very fun times I have spent  listening and jamming to some unbelievable music through the Vegas scene in years past.  Quite a few of my most memorable have to do with Dave Matthews.  Of course, if you’ve read any of my… Continue

Tiny Bubbles

Courtesy of my pals at the Wine Company, a local Twin Cities distributor, they put out this fun fact bubble blast this week to their wholesale clients.  I liked it so much, that I thought I’d pass it on.  While most of us in the industry take these terms for granted, I thought it fun to remind… Continue

Icy Wines for an Icy Day

What better to do than review wines when you’re trapped in by more snow?  With the holidays upon us and with so many reaching for those ‘specialty’ wines to pair to the holiday table, I decided to take on a few Ice Wines.  With a full 411 on the subject of Ice Wines, and few… Continue

A Pre-Thanksgiving Surprise!

Twas a few nites before Thanksgiving and the Twin Cities were stirring.  With family and friends gathering, out for nibbles and drinks, even those in know were not as lucky as I.  For I was about to meet one of my sports heros, over six foot – sky high! Ha!  Silly rhymes need not describe… Continue

Perfect Wine & Cheese Pairings

As many of you know, with any Twin Cities Wine Tasting, Wine Event, Education Class and more that is presented on behalf of Amusée, as your Sommelier, I always bring artisanal cheese for pairing!  For any occasion, any style of event or any gathering – CHEESE is never far from my palate.  And even as I am… Continue

Thanksgiving Pairing: Donavon Frankenreiter + Malbec

This past week I went to see one of my favorite little hippie acoustic guitar players, Donavon Frankenreiter.  A Hawaiian native born to surf, play guitar and woo the ladies, has always been one of my favorite ‘kick back’ musicians.  It’s truly no wonder that he’s at the top of my playlist, as one of his… Continue

Do bubbles ever lose their fizz?

I love my pals…they’re always looking out for me & always sending on fun new info for me.  And really, any info that ever has to do with wine! Check it out…

Minnesota Wines Surprise

Since my move to Minnesota, almost four years ago now, I am constantly hit with the question, “So what do you think of the MN wines?” It is in all truth that I am asked the question almost every single nite that I am out.  Because I am with the public daily sharing, drinking and… Continue