Wine + Cheezits!

Just when you thought we had paired to everything…

We give you…WINE + CHEEZITS!

This week on the Jason Show — I pair to SIX different Cheezit flavors, giving you the best overall grape varietals + wine styles for each. 


>>> Click this link to watch the FULL SEGMENT  <<<


Here’s the list — in the order shown:

Cheddar Jack paired to a rich, creamy bubbly from Limoux, France made of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc + Pinot Noir (buy it here!)

Parmesan (using the adage ‘what grows together, goes together) paired to an Italian Pecorino (purchase this white wine here!)

White Cheddar (now this is a classic!) paired to a new world style Chardonnay (try a few from our ‘Desperately Seeking Chardonnay’ section, here!)

Sharp Cheddar paired to Cabernet (now, this is a good one!) — check out a few of our Cabernets for your own pairing, here!)

Extra Toasty definitely needs a little weight!  I love a medium bodied red like Malbec or Tempranillo for this pairing.  (We have oodles of options on our full SHOP page here!)

Hot + Spicy absolutely needs something a bit juicier to level out the tabasco-y notes of this Cheezit.  I love grapes like Nero d’Avola for snuggling up to spiced foods.  Here’s the one I showed this week in this segment, it is so good!



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