Merry Christmas Las Vegas

Upon a very short to Las Vegas this past weekend, I was reminded of some very fun times I have spent  listening and jamming to some unbelievable music through the Vegas scene in years past.  Quite a few of my most memorable have to do with Dave Matthews.  Of course, if you’ve read any of my past blogs, you’ll know I’m on the verge of being a ‘stalker’ Dave Matthews fan.   So, while in Vegas on Saturday for a very short 23 hour stint, there for a personal in home wine event (some very cool peeps, by the way!), I reminisced over some of the best Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds shows I’d seen. 
My blog today is short and sweet.  I want to wish a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all who have supported me dearly this past year!  There are many blogs to follow here in the next week, a couple that I know you’ll find quite entertaining, but with the Christmas season upon us and all it has to offer – I wanted to send along one of my favorite Dave and Timmy songs (recorded from Las Vegas) and one amazing pairing to boot. 
La CaveIf you find yourself in Las Vegas wanting some outstanding food and drink, make your way over to the Wynn Hotel.  Inside you’ll find a small glassed in restaurant called: La Cave.  A quaint and quiet joint in the Wynn’s Forum, has only been open for approx 2 weeks, is one outstanding meal you won’t want to miss as a foodie. 
Making it in for only just lunch, we had quite a few outstanding plates.  For one ~ do not miss the country ham, cheese and quail egg flatbread.  Omg!  I am a huge ‘egg on top of everything’ type of gal…and this one took the cake.  Along with some kobe beef sliders topped with a salty blue cheese, a tri sausage pizza and one baked salt roasted beet and goat cheese side dish…my palate was in heaven.  Not to mention, the wines by the glass are all of very nice quality.  My husband enjoyed a delicious Puligny-Montrachet, a brite Bourgogne and I, a snappy Rias Baixas Albarino.  My mouth still salivates thinking of the delicious bites and outstanding wines.  To top it all off…our bartender was a huge Packers Fan – how could one go wrong? 
In the end, this is the type of food and wine experience and pairing that I pair to my pal, Mr. Dave Matthews.  So raise your glass this season to some of THE best pairings you’ve had this year.  Mine – Great Food and Great Peeps always take precedent.  Las Vegas doesn’t necessarily do much for me these days, but what it does have is outstanding food and drink.  Make your way there at some point, and instead of ‘partying like a rock star’ – eat and drink your way across the city.  You’ll find one heck uv alotta great vino and eats.  Merry Christmas to me from the city that never sleeps.

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