Perfect Wine & Cheese Pairings

As many of you know, with any Twin Cities Wine Tasting, Wine Event, Education Class and more that is presented on behalf of Amusée, as your Sommelier, I always bring artisanal cheese for pairing!  For any occasion, any style of event or any gathering – CHEESE is never far from my palate.  And even as I am a true CheeseHead, a kid from Wisco, I am very open to any variety of flavors, styles, orgins and pairings when it comes to Wine and Cheese concoctions. 
I am, however, pretty loyal to only a selected few when it comes to WHO and WHERE I buy my cheese locally.  Therefore, I thought I’d turn you all on to one of my most coveted cheese secrets…Obviously, not much of a secret to the rest of the Twin Cities now!

Check it out~

Things to consider when buying cheese for pairing to your occasion:

1.  Get to know your cheese monger ~ let them offer suggestions, pairings and more for your event

2.  Ask to taste what they are recommending

3.  Ask info regarding the origin of the cheese (IE: Cheesemaker, Farm, Region, etc.)

4.  Ask for other cheese board recommendations (IE: Nuts, honey, salts, olives, etc.)

5.  And, check your cheesemonger out from a Wine & Cheese Pairing side – don’t be afraid to ask for wine recommendations, questions as to serving temps and other entertaining details. 

Once you find a shop that you trust, a cheesemonger that you love and a relationship that works for YOU, you’re sure to have one great Perfect Pairing!

As for more on…

How to Pair to your Cheese

What wines go best with which milk styles of Cheese

How to figure out Where you like your Cheese and Wine Pairings from (region, country, grape)

Check out some of Amusée’s fun Wine and Cheese Pairing Classes!  In fact, we’re teaching one tonite at Cooks of Crocus Hill in Edina, MN.  Maybe you have time to make it?  For more public wine class info, check out Amusée’s Events Page today!

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