The Perfect Compliment…

Isn’t that what wine is all about, after all?  Complimenting.  Giving your experience the ‘cherry on top’?  All in all, we get too wound up after a hard day’s work.  We sit starting at computers, we sit in traffic, we race around trying to accomplish everything.  Let’s face it…it’s a rat race.  No matter the industry, your profession, your ‘money maker’ – it’s tough.  It never seems like there’s enough time in the day to get it all done.  So at the end of the day, you want to make it ALL count.  That’s why, I drink wine.  I drink wine because it tastes good, first and foremost.  I’d rather drink it over beer, liquor or tea and I like it because it always comes with a story.  It takes me away from the day I’ve had.  It takes me to the place where I had it first (sometimes) and it reminds me that after all  the running around we do, it’s all worth it after that one sip.  Well, I’ve had one of those days…running, meeting, organizing, organizing some more and sitting in traffic, wondering…did I eat?  how much coffee have I had? or what is for dinner????  Sometimes you just can’t keep up, which is why I always suggest adding wine as your “compliment”.  No matter your day, the time or your pickle, wine always adds to the experience.
You know, they do say that wine is 90% experience.  Some ‘experts’ would beg to differ, but hey…I’m an “expert” and I say…I’d almost put that on the money.  Tonite is one of those occasions.  Tough day, my feet hurt, traffic was yukky…so, I went to the cellar.  The ‘cellar’ at my house is a very interesting place.  It’s filled floor to ceiling with a lot of things that are ‘undrinkable’.  You know, things that will either put my kids through college or will either out live me.  Not tonite.
I have a bottle that I’ve been saving.  Well, two.  Okay, quite a few…but these are both ‘special’ bottles.  The winery:  Linne Calodo.  The region:  Paso Robles  The excessability:  Zip, zero, good luck!
Linne Calodo was introduced to me on my very first trip to Hawaii.  I visited the big island of Hawaii about 5 years ago for my birthday.  I was spoiled at the Four Season Resort with fresh pineapple every half hour, Evian mists every 15 minutes and loads and loads of amazing seafood.  Wolfgang Puck has a restaurant right there in the hotel, so you can really spoil yourself rotten.  Getting back to the Linne Calodo…I discovered it at a teeny tiny wine shop on the island.  The sales person recommended it on one of my day excursions, and I bought it.  And ever since then…I’ve been hooked.   At the time, I was living in Portland, OR so I would order it through the website and treat myself to it from time to time but since my move to Minneapolis (2years), I really haven’t had it. 
I was reminded of it in the Spectator about 6 months ago when I saw it’s name with a ridiculous point score to it… so I called the winery.  And, I ordered just two bottles just to remember how it tasted.  Long story short, they’ve been sitting in my cellar now for about 4 months.  I have to tell you that I experienced one of the best customer experiences of my life with Linne Calodo.  Mark, with Linne Calodo, seriously made my shipping/receiving of their product – A1.  Spending a good chunk of my time in the winery industry, I understand shipping, ordering, etc when it comes to wineries.  Dude, he was the best.  He waited to send my wine in the cooler temps, he tracked my wine, he was outstanding.  I couldn’t have asked for more.
Anyways…the wine.  Tonite, I am drinking the 2006 Rising Tides.  44% Grenache, 42% Syrah and 14% Mourvedre.  Wow!  The absolute compliment to my day!  It is the bomb. 
Somebody told me a couple of weeks ago that they didn’t care for the wine (they were lucky enough to try it) because it had too much oak.  That, my friends, is horse-rooky.  Nonsense.  In fact, if anything…they’ve laid off the barrel since I’ve had it last.  I love it.
I grabbed a glass, took it outside and drank it in the hot tub.  Just the right (MN) temp, and…the perfect compliment to my day.
Here’s my soapbox for the nite…call Linne Calodo (look it up – )
and tell Mark, I sent you – (Leslee from Minneapolis).
And…enjoy!  Deep dark rich fruit, but all fruit….lush boisenberry, marionberry and rich chocolate with a hint of forest floor.  I love it.
Order a couple and tell me what you think?

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