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Ever wonder what drinks good with the sly sounds of a sweet, sweet jazz musician, or the goopy romantic tunes of an acoustic guitar or better yet…the hot and sultry moves of a fun salsa band?  My answer ~ drink what’s right!  This came to mind a couple of weeks ago when I set out to watch the smooth and slippery, Mr. Chris Botti.  Now that man can blow a horn!  With his well manicured look and funky sleek band, his music is one genre that makes you want to slither right back in your seat, close your eyes and dream of a far, far away destination (maybe with him applying your sun tan lotion!)  Chris Botti is not for the ‘NIN’ kind of lover, he’s looking to entice only the real romantics.  There’s no way that you’re walking out of that concert with feeling a little ‘something something’, if you know what I mean.
With all that said…Chris Botti, who happened to perform at the Minnesota Orchestra Hall on Saturday, November 22nd, was outstanding!  But as I sit through concerts, my first thought is generally, what should I be drinking?  What is this music making me feel like I should drink?
That nite with Mr. Botti- only the most lushy, sultry, slick and slightly promiscuous wine would do.  That’s right- a California Cab or an Aussie Shiraz.  Now, Orchestra Hall could use a little help with their wine list, with most of their wines being served from a cheap behind the counter mag, but there is still one that they have there that does the trick…the Los Vascos Chilean Cabernet.  Not exactly a Cali Cab or an Aussie Shiraz, but certainly had many of the same characteristics with its hot and peppery body and frisky outer edges.  The Los Vascos can be found almost anywhere at this point and time.  From Surdyks and Haskells to Costco, they are producing it by the truck load.  I think I saw it at France 44 a while back as well, but the store had it over priced by a few more dollars than they should.  Really, this bottle of wine (on the shelf) shouldn’t cost you more than $9-$10.  It’s a good one.
It’s always interesting to find what other music lovers are drinking.  I wrote a column in the Midwest Wine Connection last August regarding this exact same topic. 
Check it out:
I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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  1. We were hoping to catch Botti at Orchestra Hall but sadly had too much going on that weekend. I can only imagine how great the show must have been at Orchestra Hall after seeing some of his past shows around the Cities (not counting seeing him backing up Sting a few times…).
    Los Vascos has been a nice ‘mid-week’ cab, and their savi and chard also sticks in my head as being pretty good (with the chard being the weakest of the 3 if memory serves). When one factors in the price (I think I picked most of them up on sale for $8 each) they’re a great buy. Dang, I guess I’m going to have to pull a couple bottles and try them all again!

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