Best Wine Based Drinks at the MN State Fair 2023

I’m tasked yearly to find the best wine based drinks at the MN State Fair for The Jason Show This honestly might be the BEST year yet for wine based drinks at the fair — these are my FAVES! 

Finding the Best NA Wine Sips

Finding a delicious Non Alcoholic Wine Sip is not as hard as it once was!   Discover a couple that are not only delicious but affordable AND natural in my latest Jason Show Segment:   Try a few of these sips + others at Sip Better HERE!  

Finding the Finger Lakes

Looking for a charming, obscure wine country trip?  I think I have just the place for you.  Spring, summer, fall or winter – the charm of the Finger Lakes would be an encapsulating wine country trip any time of year.  Let’s back up – how did I get here? Truth is, I have been wanting… Continue

The Best Wine Gadgets

From corkscrews to decanters, preservation systems for left over wine + more, there are tons of wine gadgets on the market. But which ones are worth the money? I’m giving you the low down in my latest Jason Show segment!    

Orange Wine: What in the World is it?

Do you know what orange wine is? It has nothing to do with actual oranges. I’m here to give you the lowdown in my latest Jason Show segment. And Jason discovers a favorite!   The List of All the Wines Tasted in this Segment: Pullus Pinot Grigio * Ned Pinot Gris * Union Sacre Dry… Continue

Inexpensive Dad’s Day Wine Picks

Good wine doesn’t have to be expensive. I am here to tell ya, you can get alot for your buck these days in the wine market!   On my latest DAD’S DAY segment with The Jason Show, I give you my best picks!   Here’s the List of Wines we Tasted: Zajc ‘Cviček’ * McPherson Pinot… Continue

Kick off your summer with these CABIN-y Sips + Gadgets!

Looking for a few good sips to share your weekend get-away with? Check these EZ, packable and affordable SIPS along with some of my favorite wine gadgets for enjoying some summer sippin on my latest Jason Show Segment!   A List of All the Sips we Shared:  Steenberg sparkling Sauvignon Blanc * Field Recordinds Rosé… Continue

Drinking Pink!

Learn the ins + outs of this rosey colored subject in my latest Jason Show Segment featuring a handful of bangers for $15 + under and much much more!   Also, what is rosé?  How is it made?  Is it sweet?  Dry? Tune in to Leslee’s rosé segment to see + the list of where to… Continue

Wine Myths EXPOSED!

WINE MYTHS: there are seriously so many wine myths out there! From folks’ reaction to wine in the way of headaches, how to best store wine + deciphering a wine by the glass list in a restaurant — we cover a few of these on The Jason Show this week.  Check em out…