Drinking Pink!

Learn the ins + outs of this rosey colored subject in my latest Jason Show Segment featuring a handful of bangers for $15 + under and much much more!   Also, what is rosé?  How is it made?  Is it sweet?  Dry? Tune in to Leslee’s rosé segment to see + the list of where to… Continue

Wine Myths EXPOSED!

WINE MYTHS: there are seriously so many wine myths out there! From folks’ reaction to wine in the way of headaches, how to best store wine + deciphering a wine by the glass list in a restaurant — we cover a few of these on The Jason Show this week.  Check em out…  

Super Bowl + Wine Pairings on The Jason Show

Super Bowl is upon us, which means…I know.  The beer people WIN this pairing throwdown most years, but I’m coming for ya, beer nation.  Here’s my grouping of WINE PICKS for all the goodies in your game day line up >>> Here are my pairings in the order shown + the wines (and where to… Continue

Perfect Pairings at the Minnesota State Fair!

Yes, perfect pairings can be made from just about any food + any libation! Catch my pal, Jason Matheson + I as we power pair through a variety of MN State Fair Foods paired to a variety of NA, beer + wine based cocktails on the Jason Show on Day 5 of the fair!  … Continue

EZ Summer Entertaining Wine Tips + Tricks on The Jason Show

EZ Summer Entertaining Tips — we all need these when it comes to planning your next get-together with friends or family! This week on the Jason Show — I share: What to do with your ‘left over’ wine + how to keep your summer rosés + white cold while in the summer sun My best… Continue

Father’s Day Wine Picks on The Jason Show

Grill goods, summertime sippin + Dad’s Day — an amazing way to welcome in the summer season! This week on The Jason Show — I recommend a slew of delicious summer sips perfectly paired to a variety of grill goods and your Dad’s Day celebrations! Take a Look 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 All of the wines from the… Continue

Wine + Cheezits!

Just when you thought we had paired to everything… We give you…WINE + CHEEZITS! This week on the Jason Show — I pair to SIX different Cheezit flavors, giving you the best overall grape varietals + wine styles for each.    >>> Click this link to watch the FULL SEGMENT  <<<   Here’s the list… Continue

Aphrodisiac Foods + their Wine Pairings for your Valentines Day date!

Looking to zhuzh up your Valentine’s Day date plans? This week, I cover a number of aphrodisiac foods, a bit of their history, why they’re ‘good for your day of love’ and what wines they’ll actually pair to. This segment is loaded with lots of good belly laughs + handfuls of fun LOVE oriented food… Continue

A Wine Primer — Understanding YOUR wine palate 🍷

Ever wondered WHY you tend to like certain styles, grapes or regions of WINE? Wine can be a confusing space when you head to that retail shelf.  Which is why I spent some time on the Jason Show this week chatting to how the WEIGHT of wine could help you decipher alot in this area. … Continue