Game Day Beer & Chip Pairings for ALDI fans!

In my most recent blog post for ALDI, I chat beer & chip pairings for the big game!  What libation/chip pairing are you getting ready to kick off for the big weekend?

Beer Tasting 101

January 23, 2015 – Hi, all! Leslee Miller here to help you get ready for the BIG GAME! When you’re craving the ultimate snack, isn’t it usually true that something salty and crunchy paired to a beverage with just a bit of bubble seems to do the trick? Potentially that’s why beer and chips are two of the country’s most paired snacks! While we can absolutely enjoy each of them on their own, it sure is a whole lot more fun when we actually think about pairing them together.

Most of us in the wine industry will tell you that there isn’t anything that you can’t pair when it comes to wine, but secretly if you asked any one of us for the perfect libation pairing to anything crunchy, fried or salty, we’d all tell you that beer is the holy grail of libation pairings for this department. Generally speaking, anything fried, salty or even crunchy with a touch of salt in real pairing terms needs a ‘scrubbing bubble’ of sorts to keep the elements of fat, fried and salt from sticking to your palate too long. Here are some of my favorite pairings – all found at ALDI! Happy pairing!


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Leslee Miller is a dually certified Sommelier through the International Sommelier Guild and the Court of Master Sommeliers. She is the sole owner of wine consulting firm, Amusée, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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