The Best Wines for your Memorial Day Weekend


The best wines for your Memorial Day Weekend

Article by Marsha Trainer (City Pages)

Friday ~ May 23, 2014 
It’s finally balmy here in the Twin Cities, so this Memorial Day will mean picnics, grills, and all manner of outdoor eats. Of course, someone will show up with the obvious beverage choice — beer — but what about wine? What quaffs will go well with your holiday grub? 
To find the answer, we went to two local wine aficionados for their picks. Follow their lead and you’ll look oh-so-savvy in front of your friends, family, and party guests.

Click here to read what Leslee recommends for your brats on the grill, picnic baskets of summer salads and late afternoon weekend bites!

Courtesy of Amusée
Sommelier Leslee Miller of Amusée

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