A Review of Lead Singer, Maynard Keenan of Tool’s Winery, Caduceus Cellars of Arizona

You need not watch if you’re not down for a little fun with the video camera.  While yes, it is a full review of a line up of six of  Winemaker Maynard Keenan’s wines from Caduceus Cellars – this vid has a few more antics than maybe most can handle.

Tool music in the background, a cool new wine key, some Easter peeps, a man hiding  behind a bush = a sommelier’s fully edited Caduceus Wine ‘Movie’ (of sorts) with a few bloopers from this evening of wine review… It’s all here in HD.


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  1. Awesome chop cuts – the entire video could use more of those.
    We got to get you set up with a small lighting rig and a mic.
    That was an awesome night, next time we should shoot the video before we get crunk on the wine?

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