Oh my Gaga…Is it another ThrowDown?

In case you missed it, there was a Showdown ThrowDown last nite in the Twin Cities between two of Music’s Hottest Blonde Bombshells – Lady Gaga & Carrie Underwood.  Gaga at St Paul’s Xcel Enery Center and Underwood at the State Fair…hmmm.  Love ya Carrie, but the state fair, really?  Gaga was so hot, she added another date to her Twin Cities schedule and squeezed in another show at the Xcel last nite – pretty cool.
While it truly wasn’t a showdown at all – unless you consider Underwood’s gun slingin’ leather belt she was wearing part of the ThrowDown Attire – my vote for Best Performance goes to Queen Gaga.  No, I didn’t see Carrie’s performance AND Gaga’s…I was only game for the raunchiest show in town, The Gaga.  Incidentally, which is a perfect follow-up to my previous ‘How to Make Love to Wine’ blog. 
Taken from Lady Gaga herself:  “I hate the truth.  I’d prefer a giant dose of Bullsh-  any day before I’d rather hear the truth.”  So, this is my review of the show with wine pairings to boot. 
Hey Gaga:  Are you ready to ‘Show me Your Teeth’?

A friend of mine said before hitting the show last nite, “The best way to describe Lady Gaga’s Show last nite (she played the nite before also) is by saying, it was a Fiasco!”  And now, after seeing it…I get that.  But, I loved that aspect of it at the same time!  Crazy, out of control, just out-right sick and twisted, but isn’t that why we all went?  It’s like never being able to pass by a car wreck, we all have to SEE what’s inside – something grueling, disturbing and a bit sick.  That is the Queen Gaga.  And the fans, just as sick, demented and unleashed as their performer.  From little girls 5 yrs of age and up to someone’s grandma sitting next to me – the show brought out the best, worst and most scantily clad audience of the state.  Yet somehow, Gaga’s message of:  Equality, Bi-Lovin’, Acceptance and Inner Monster Release – applied to almost everyone in the audience.  At least that’s what the roar from the crowd implied.  So I thought…what the h- am I going to pair to this, a Monster Ball of sorts, when it comes to Wine & the music of Ms. Gaga?
So I asked and here’s what I got…

After checking out these hot mamas and their drinks, I thought – I must get deeper on this subject.  So I tore it apart song by song. 
Starting here with ‘Disco Stick’ :

Hmmm, let’s see.  We don’t necessarily need to talk about the meaning of ‘Disco Stick’, I think we covered that in “How to Make Love to Your Wine” last week.  So, we pair to the wines that may apply to the action involving a ‘Disco Stick’ of sorts.  I know, not exactly Al Green y’all, but it could refer to that baby making moment that has you all hot and bothered. 
What wine puts YOU in the mood That’s for you to answer, but I have one region in mind that may apply to the situation at hand.  Let’s take a wine from the Girl’s Video above… Veuve Clicquot.  While I’m not necessarily a fan of the juice from Clicquot that comes to the U.S. (remember, what we get here in the U.S. has more sugar) – I AM a fan of a creamy, luxurious, slippery Champagne.  Completely applicable to Ms. Gaga’s ‘Disco Stick’, don’t chya think?
Next.  A Wine to Drink when all you want to do is:  ‘Just Dance’

Dancing, moving, gyrating – whatever you want to call it.  It’s a feel good kind of move, right?  Whether it’s Disco, Hip-Hop or Country – it makes the world go ’round and if we didn’t have our own Lady Gagas to jam out to, what would we have?  And wine…helping the world to become better dancers, right? 
What Wine Makes YOU want to ‘Just Dance’?  Again, bubbly fits into this category, but for me – something fresh, fun and exciting plays a pretty even part for opening my chakras.  I pick a delightfully, cheery, green and grassy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  Much different from my heart throb region of Savis, the Loire Valley reeking of mineral and chalk, I like New Zealand for their fresh, brite, sunshine-y, grassy attitude.  When it’s cold and dreary here in the great Midwest come January, I reach for a nice pick me up.  I do, in fact, enjoy Whitehaven’s Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough.  A smile for under $15, where could one possibly go wrong?
And last, but certainly not least… One of my favorite Gaga songs and really, quite the act, Sir Alejandro:

You heard it here ~ What Grows Together Goes Together!  Looking for a cool new way to practice your Spanish?  Check into Rioja Rehab and call me when you’re out!  My pick for something dirty, twisted, meaty and maybe even a little bloody – check out one of my favorite regions in Spain: Rioja.  The grape here peeps remember is:  Tempranillo.  Full of soot, sometimes poopy but always delicious.  One of my favorites ~ Bodegas Muga Rioja Reserve.  Oooohhh so gooood and still a rock ’em, sock ’em wine for under $30 – a real winner! 
Moral of the Story:  Dirty with personality. 
And, shouldn’t that sum it all up for us here, Ms. Gaga?  I’ve decided, I like you.  I’ll keep you plugged into my IPod for a while.  ‘Cuz you make me want to dance, sip, disco and more.  Thanks for a fab show and thanks to all who I enjoyed it with!  Overall, a killer performance by one hot lady (or man, whatever?).  Hope you like the pairings…of course, they’re for you to choose, these are just some starters.  Drink what you like, and drink it with style! 
Now turn up that music and GET TO DRINKING!!!

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