Stung Again!

Shake n Bake, I’m back from the Hot State of Georgia!  Hope you all had a chance to catch up on my stops and eats along the way while in Atlanta.  With so much good food to enjoy, a fabulous five days of relaxin’ + great friends to enjoy it all with – our trip to Atlanta was a success.  And the best part, we finished our trip off with a little more Sting.  So yes, we’re back on the Sting trail, but this time with some great LIVE CLIPS from the concert, very close up!  Check out these very up close and personal videos of Sting and the Philharmonic Orchestra (aka:  ‘The Queen’s Orchestra’ – For more on the Twin Cities Show…See Sting Blog Below).
I’m still searching for the perfect wine, in fact…I’ve had a lot of great recommendations, all from HUGE Sting fans, but I’m still on the hunt to satisfy completely, MY Sting/Wine Connection.
Monday, June 28th – we had the distinct pleasure of being ‘wow’d’ for the second time this summer – all in one week – by the Great Mr. Gordon Sumner, (aka: Sting) this time from Chastain Park, just inside the city limits of Atlanta, Georgia.  With a whoppin’ 95+ degrees and well, the humidity so thick you could cut right through it, and the amphitheatre bursting at its seams with 6,000+ peeps, the surroundings were some of the best I’ve seen a large act perform. (Well, outside of Red Rocks- that’s a hard one to top.) The crowd equipped with hand fans, many with personal misters, the sticky humidity and heat had you wantin’ anything but red wine, sorry guys.  In fact, the big hit of this hot summer night in Atlanta called for the south’s Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.  While I’d most likely like a crisp cool glass of white wine, the Firefly was surely the ticket for cooling this Sting Crazed Crowd down.  Not that you couldn’t order a full bottle of wine in a plastic ‘yard’ (hello, Vegas!) at the amphitheater, our clan was all on board for something just a little more “south” if you know what I mean.  The show was great, all within the first ten rows of seating, Sting was front and center shakin’ his 58 yr old pa-too-ti with no shame.  While I was looking for a little something different than our Minneapolis show, just one week before, the exact same concert was played down to song order and stories.  All fine and still fab, but I could have used a set list change.  Yet then again, how many peeps travel from MSP to ATL in one week to see Sting?
Tonite as I write, I am sitting with a fat glass of Rioja.  One of my favorite Spanish producers:  Montecillo.  An old school favorite with depth, dirt and personality.  It’s a kind of ‘ra-cha-cha!’ booty shaker.  In fact, I’m enjoying a little sheep’s milk, Garrotxa cheese with my Rioja, while hummin’ “Desert Rose” – how appropriate!  Maybe that’s what Sting needs for pairing… a booty shakin’ wine?  Let’s stop pretending we’re all so serious after all – we’re here to just enjoy ourselves, right?  So maybe Sting needs something that makes you ‘Shake n’ Bake’.  Not just a little, but one that really gets the blood flowing.  And, I’m sticking with that as my final answer…does he need red or white?  I’m not here to say.  It’s up to you after all – so pick up that wine that makes the booty shake and get it going, because Sting can entice anyone to shake it once you’ve watched his hips sway to and from….am I right, or am I right?
Drink What You Like and Like What You Drink!
Check out these LIVE performances from Chastain Park, Atlanta, Georgia – June 28, 2010 – ALL in HD!!

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  1. Wow. Great vids! Definitely close to the Minneapolis show. The only difference seems to be that nobody’s shouting “FREE BIRD!!!” and that the crowd looks halfway alive rather than the bunch of stiffs that were at the Minnesota show.

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