So long, farewell!

Once again, Brett Favre has stuck it to the American public.  Laughing his tail off all the way to the bank with his new contract with Sears, media hits left and right, and with a name googled more times than Michael Jackson right now – I hate to say this to you Vikings Fans – I TOLD YOU SO
With a ‘semi’ firm retirement answer to the Vikings, not even Brad Childress will take his almost 40 year old saggy butt in anymore.  Hysterical. 
Again, I don’t proclaim myself to write anything unique when it comes to sports, but I just can’t help to write a little something on my blog when the Brett Favre titles hit my screen every morning.   And, not to say that his old school Packer fans have recovered from his antics, but at least it makes us a lot happier to know that we’ll never have to see him in purple.  I love asking Vikings fans what they think of Brett Favre now – their reactions are priceless and are identical to my own just weeks ago.
So for that, I’ll raise a glass to his recent decision knowing that somewhere in the distance his saga will continue.  Who knows where we’ll find him next…

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  1. The season isn’t over yet. Just wait until they’re sucking at the bye week and then they’ll bring him in since Brett said he couldn’t do a full season, just 8 – 10 games…

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