Cheese and Vino

Had the perfect combination of cheese and wine the other night…
Tis’ the season for cheese/wine pairings with the holidays coming up.  Thought I would share my most recent ‘perfect pairing’.  Without having to spend too much time sorting and wandering through the cheese section at my favorite local market, I picked up a chunk of Rembrandt Gouda.  Cheap, easy and good.  A nice stand by.
I came home and decided, on a Wednesday night, to open up one of my favorite Alsacien producers ~ Marcel Deiss.  The 2003 Bergheim Pinot Blanc was exactly what the doctor ordered.  Without thinking necessarily about the combinations I had thrown on the plate or what I was drinking it with…I happened upon a delicious holiday pairing.  Between the crunky, caramel, butterscotchy crystals in the cheese and the hints of honey, orange blossom and petrol in my glass, the pairing exploded with life!  Fantastic!  
For the ‘traditionalists’ who seem to think that certain white wines and cheese or certain red wines and cheese don’t pair…dream on. (Literally)  It’s your palate, wake up and use it!  Use your imagination and explore every combination of flavor you think possible.  Wine is supposed to be fun…make an evening of it. Invite some friends over, pick up five different cheeses from your local cheese market, five wines from red to white and halve at it.  Seriously, have fun!
By the way…
The Rembrandt Gouda is readily available at your local supermarket – I picked up mine at Kowalski’s on Lyndale. As for the Marcel Deiss, I can’t believe I’m doing this…but here is one of my best kept secrets…THE ONLY place to find his wines in the state is at South Lyndale Liquors .  Ask for Mitch, he’ll set you up!  BUT, VERY IMPORTANT, don’t buy it all up, because then there won’t be any left for me…!

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