National Wine Day!


Happy National Wine Day!  

We celebrated our favorite wine day in style today on The Jason Show with host & friend, Jason Matheson.  Miss our segment?  We’ve got you covered with all the best can wine in the market!

Wines covered in this segment:

Underwood by Union Wine Company (Oregon)

Flip Flop Wines (California)

Seven Daughters (California)

House Wine (California)

Alloy Wine Works (California)

Drop Wines (California)

Hans Grüner & Methode Aluminum — Field Recordings (California)

Coppola Sofia Bubbly (California)

The Wonderland Project ‘The White Queen’ Chardonnay (California)

Kibo Junmai Sake (Japan)

2 thoughts on ““National Wine Day!”

  • Sera Bean

    WOW!!! I must say I was a complete skeptic! I now must now admit these canned wines are actually pretty good. We had a small wine picnic last evening and we had bought a few different brands and varieties the interview had mentioned. We were actually a little bit worried what the “wine snobs” were going to say. Low and behold they were a big hit! This will make our future picnic outings even more enjoyable… Cheeers

    • Super User Post author

      You’re right, Sera! They DO make picnic outings more enjoyable, plus they are easy pieces to transport for boating, picnics, biking, etc. I love the variety of them now, too. Much better than even just last year’s variety. Lots of good stuff. Glad you love this section of the retail store, it’s a pretty popular section these days. Keep on sippin’! And, thanks for your comment! (Clink, Clink), Leslee

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  • Leslee and Michael,
    I just wanted to thank you both for the spectacular evening you hosted for our group. My wife and I and our guests—and everyone we talked to—had a wonderful time.
    I have never learned so much about beer and wine, glasses, their history and regions, and “pairing” the right way. You were both easy to listen to and are amazingly good at what you do. I’m impressed.
    Thanks, again, for your time and I’m sure our paths will cross again in the future!
    Darryl A Savage, Financial Advisor
    Thrivent Financial
    Burnsville, MN