National Wine Day!


Happy National Wine Day!  

We celebrated our favorite wine day in style today on The Jason Show with host & friend, Jason Matheson.  Miss our segment?  We’ve got you covered with all the best can wine in the market!

Wines covered in this segment:

Underwood by Union Wine Company (Oregon)

Flip Flop Wines (California)

Seven Daughters (California)

House Wine (California)

Alloy Wine Works (California)

Drop Wines (California)

Hans Grüner & Methode Aluminum — Field Recordings (California)

Coppola Sofia Bubbly (California)

The Wonderland Project ‘The White Queen’ Chardonnay (California)

Kibo Junmai Sake (Japan)

2 thoughts on ““National Wine Day!”

  • Sera Bean

    WOW!!! I must say I was a complete skeptic! I now must now admit these canned wines are actually pretty good. We had a small wine picnic last evening and we had bought a few different brands and varieties the interview had mentioned. We were actually a little bit worried what the “wine snobs” were going to say. Low and behold they were a big hit! This will make our future picnic outings even more enjoyable… Cheeers

    • Super User Post author

      You’re right, Sera! They DO make picnic outings more enjoyable, plus they are easy pieces to transport for boating, picnics, biking, etc. I love the variety of them now, too. Much better than even just last year’s variety. Lots of good stuff. Glad you love this section of the retail store, it’s a pretty popular section these days. Keep on sippin’! And, thanks for your comment! (Clink, Clink), Leslee

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