Did you know…?

Chappellet Toast…That Chappellet Winery , one of my most favorite California Wineries!, is powered on Solar Energy? Very cool, right? 

Chappellet.   If you’ve ever been to Chappellet, you know exactly what I mean by saying (period).  They are a world-class Californian winery with a stellar reputation, outstanding property and amazing wines to boot.  My pal, Steve Tamburelli, the winery’s general manager, comes to visit the Twin Cities often and with always so much enthusiasm, passion + professionalism for the winery, that it’s virtually impossible not to fall in love with the Chappellet’s story and pedigree.  While I could go on and on about the love that I have for the story, the land, the winery and its wines…let me show you how this winery’s commitment is truly unique.  I was reminded yesterday via TWITTER of Chappellet’s Commitment to Agriculture and Winery Practices, with the fact that Chappellet is lovin’ this hot summer sun and all the energy that it has to give…back to the winery.  Their twitter yesterday showed a gorgeous pic of their solar panels shining bright in the Napa Valley Sunshine.

Chappellet Fact:

•  In 2008 Chappellet unveiled an ambitious solar project. Comprised of 960 individual solar modules capable of producing approximately 280,000 kilowatt hours per year, this 20,000-square-foot solar photovoltaic system generates enough energy to offset 100 percent of the winery’s PG&E bill. Over a 30-year period it will have the amazing environmental benefit of reducing greenhouse gases by 4,513,275 lbs. In practical terms this is the equivalent to planting over 40,000 trees.

Sweet, right?

You know what else…

  • In the early 1980′s, Chappellet was the first to plant cover crop – literally terming ‘sustainable’ long before it became a ‘trendy’ word to use in the U.S.
  • 90% of their estate vineyards are farmed ORGANICALLY
  • All of their mechanical equipment use 50% Biodiesel

For more details on their commitment to full stewardship and to honor the natural integrity of property visit Chappellet’s Sustainability Page.

And if you want more, you can watch the vineyard LIVE and take a peak at their solar panels online through their web cam.  Pretty cool stuff.

Chappellet SunsetThanks Chappellet for sharing that bit of LOVE with us – you have a slew of fans here in The Twin Cities!  Keep those gorgeous wines comin’.

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