Virtual Wine Trivia Night In!

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While the world is currently full of uncertainty, we do know THIS – our LOVE for WINE is stronger than ever! 🍷

Feeling like you still want to socialize with your besties, share happy hour with your co-workers or hey, still meet new people? But wait…you’re trapped inside with your cat AGAIN! Don’t fret, we’ve got this!

We’ve found the perfect way to get us all back on the same page, the WINE page that is, with a virtual series of wine classes! Created to bring us all together, glass of wine in hand + all😊

Here’s how it will work!

  • Each virtual wine class is $10 each — or purchase all 5 classes + receive a discount (5 classes for $40)!
  • Veteran Sommelier Leslee Miller, owner of Amusée + Sip Better, and friends will be joining you LIVE from ZOOM (a free cloud video conferencing platform) with each class from 7-8pm CST
  • Each class will have a set topic, but hey! We’re open to venturing off topic, so ask any + all your most curious wine questions!
  • Once you purchase your ticket via Eventbrite, we’ll send you an invite for our online wine class straight from ZOOM. (The directions for tuning in will be sent in the link)
  • Tune in at 7pm CST, grab your fave libation (preferably vino😊), sip, learn about the topics we’ll be covering, chime in, socialize with your mates + meet other like minded peeps that love wine, too — all without leaving your own couch!

Here are our Topics!

  • March 20th, 7pm (CST): The ‘Need to Knows’ for stocking up + pairing to Everyday White Wines — in other words, we’ll share WHICH whites wines we think you’ll need to have on hand for pairing to all of those meals you’re making at home for yourself or your family. Wines, ahem, that will pair to all those frozen veggies, pizzas, mac n cheese variations, chicken breasts + hamburger y’all cleared off the shelf this past week😉
  • March 21st, 7pm (CST): The ‘Need to Knows’ for stocking up + pairing to Everyday Red Wines — yep, you guessed it…we’re pairing to all the same foods, yet this time with RED wine. Sharing our tips for get the best bang for your buck!
  • March 26th, 7pm (CST): PinotPhiles Unite! You like Pinot Noir + you just can’t lie? Yep, us too! We’ll be sharing + comparing a handful of our favorite intl. Pinot Noirs in the range of $30 + under! Want to sip what we’re sippin? Hop on over to our sister site, Sip Better, and SHOP for a few Pinots to have sent to you so you, too can take on our obsession with this moody ‘Queen of Grapes’!
  • March 27th, 7pm (CST): It’s WINE TRIVIA NIGHT! This entire hour is all about you + the flexin’ of your wine skillz. Here’s how it will go: We ask you the questions + you write in via our ‘chat’ with the correct answer. The first person to ‘chat’ the right answer tallies points for each round. At the end of 5 rounds, we declare a 1st + 2nd place winner, and send you FREE wine in the mail, yay! (Must be 21yrs old to play and you may not use the internet to find your answers)
  • March 28th, 7pm (CST): Battle of the Cabs! We share our love for the ‘King of Grapes’ by sharing our favorites in a gang of $20 + under!