Virtual Wine Class: Best Wines for your Easter Sunday Pairings

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You asked, we listened!

Our audience + participation for our first series of online wine education classes was so amazing, that we’ve decided to bring you more. Get ready, the WINE EDUCATION FROM THE COUCH team is bringing more fun + wine education your way! 🍷

So pull on those yoga pants (pants not required, by the way😊), grab your laptop, tablet or smart phone + socialize from the waste up with your besties, your co-workers, your fam, or meet new faces in our online wine classes with Amusée!

We’ve found the perfect way to get us all back on the same page with our virtual series of wine classes. Created to bring us all together, glass of wine in hand, and learn a little something while doing so. So come on over + join us from your wine couch!

Here’s how it works!

  • Each virtual wine class is $10 each — or purchase all 5 classes + receive a discount (5 classes for $40)!
  • Veteran Sommelier Leslee Miller, owner of Amusée + Sip Better, and friends will be joining you LIVE from ZOOM (a free cloud video conferencing platform) with each class from 7-8pm CST
  • Each class will have a set topic, but hey! We’re open to venturing off topic, so ask any + all your most curious wine questions!
  • Once you purchase your ticket via Eventbrite, we’ll send you an invite for our online wine class straight from ZOOM. (The directions for tuning in will be sent in the link)
  • You will have to create an account with Zoom + log in for each class.
  • Tune in at 7pm CST, grab your fave libation (preferably vino😊), sip, learn about the topics we’ll be covering, chime in, socialize with your mates + meet other like minded peeps that love wine, too — all without leaving your own couch!

Here are our April 3-11th Wine Class Topics!

BONUS>>>Leslee’s chef bestie, partner in crime + 12 yr. co-educator of all of the duo’s food + wine cooking classes, Chef Mike Shannon, joins the group for both Friday nights in the series!  April 3th + 10th — to share a Chef’s insider tips for making ‘at home’ cooking that much more tasty + exciting!  From condiments + sauces to a simple, healthy, weeknight recipe, Chef Mike pops in to each class for a 10-12min visit offering his tips for spicing up your at home cooking life!


  • April 3rd, 7pm (CST): Wine Buying Myth Busters, Tips + Tricks! — Leslee will share all her inside tips for wine buying whether you’re headed to a Retail Wine/Liquor Store, selecting from a Restaurant List (are there secrets to a restaurant wine list?)+ when ordering from a large banquet list (for corporate gatherings, large functions, a wedding, etc.). Learn how to get the best bang for your buck + how to ask the best questions by taking the mystery out of buying from any one of these wine selecting scenarios.
  • April 4th, 7pm (CST): Best Wines for your Easter Sunday Pairings — Here comes Peter Cottontail… What wines pair best to everything on your Easter Bunny Table + Basket? We’ll answer these pairing questions + more. (Ship a few Easter Wines your way just in time for the holiday via Sip Better’s Easter shop section. Note: must be ordered by March 29th if you would like your ‘shipped’ wines to arrive to your doorstep prior to April 11th)
  • April 8th, 7pm (CST): Tour de France! — Yep, I realize it’s a big country with a lot of wine, a lot of grape varietals + a lot of regions. Yet, this class will be a great class for getting your bearings straight when it comes to the major regions of the country + all of its delicious sips. Grab a glass of something Frenchie + join us, oui?
  • April 10th, 7pm (CST): The Bigger, The Better: Big Bold Reds + Beyond — You like big reds + you cannot lie? Us, too! Let’s explore a variety of bold red grapes from a variety of intl. regions learning how grape skins, soil, climate + grape variation make for a beefier concoction when it comes to these big bodied babes. Join us! (Grab a few chewy reds for your tasting beforehand via our Big, Bold Reds + Beyond shop box at Sip Better! Note: Must be ordered by March 29th if you would like your ‘shipped’ wines to arrive to your doorstep prior to the event)
  • April 11th, 7pm (CST): Champagne Campaign (well, kinda…) Get your bubbles game on in our ALL THINGS SPARKLING class (not just from the region of Champagne) as we tour the world of sparkling wine together. Learn the mechanics to sparkling wine terms from Brut to Doux, Crémant to Sekt, Champagne to Cava and more. The perfect way to kick off your Easter holiday, just one night before! (Have a few shipped directly to you from Sip Better’s Pop, Sparkle, Fizz section — Note: must be ordered by March 29th if you would like your ‘shipped’ wines to arrive to your doorstep prior to the event)

I look forward to seeing you virtually–Clink Clink!