Destination Rosé Virtual Event

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Destination Rosé awaits you!

An event created by a trio of strong women meant to celebrate the resilience, strength + bond of other amazing women who courageously navigated their way through the last year and a half. As business owners, mothers, friends, sisters, colleagues + mentors – this event is truly meant to celebrate the summer season + the strength that got us ALL here!

As we all begin to dream of new travel adventures, reconnecting with old friends + new, we invite you to join us for this very fun, super engaging virtual event as we travel regions + intl. rosé styles, entertaining tips, travel tips, regional travel itineraries + more — all from the comfort of your kitchen counters, back decks, living room floors + picnic blankets!

Sommelier Leslee Miller, owner of Amusée, Sip Better + Cépage leads us through 4 international rosés as Ready + Roam owners, Katie Lang + Regina Folken share their best travel itinerary tips paired to each region (Slovenia/Croatia, Portugal, California + Oregon).

Attendees will have a chance to win gorgeous travel prizes, wine, Beauty Counter products, home fragrances + more!

Here’s how to attend:

1. Call, text, email or send a paper airplane to invite ALL of your favorite friends!

2. Buy a $5 to attend via this link! All attendees must have a virtual ticket to attend:

3. Grab either your own favorite glass of rosé OR purchase the four wines the gals will be sipping during the class from Leslee’s company, Sip Better. Follow this link for purchasing the wine and having it delivered or set for picking up, downtown Mpls.:

4. Want to add a snack? Cépage, Leslee’s new gift company is selling a fun Summer Hangout Snack Bundle to accompany your wine for the event! Check out the bundle here: (pls email Leslee if you’d like to purchase the bundle and have it added to your wine box).

5. Use the link sent to via Eventbrite once your ticket is purchased to join us at 7pm virtually for this super summer soirée.


NOTE: Wines must be ordered by JULY 18th if you’d like to either have the wines delivered to you via courier (choice of courier can be selected upon purchase) or set for picking up downtown Mpls at Sip Better’s retail partner’s store (an email will be generated your way for pick up once the wine is purchased with address, hours, etc.)