Best Summer Hangouts // Twin Cities

Taking advantage of the precious summer months in Minnesota is on all of our minds when August rolls around. And with the plethora of restaurant patios, shimmering lakes, and outdoor activities in Minneapolis and St. Paul, it’s hard to know where to begin! Ice cream! Beaches! Oysters on the half shell! Summer wine pairings! We want them all, and NOW, before the sun sets on our summer fantasy.
We decided to throw together a little list of the best summer hangouts (in our humble opinions) in the Twin Cities to get you started. There’s no time to waste!
Sea Salt Eatery
Because who doesn’t love live music, beer and fried seafood? Especially the delicately-fried and tender calamari! We also like those little bikes out in front of the falls. You can literally hike or bike all of the trails or simply spend a whole day laying by the Mississippi. Tons of fun.
Lucia’s Patio
The fresh summer flavors of Lucia’s farm-to-table menu paired to their sassy new wine list–it’s probably my current favorite place to hang out! I also love that Lucia’s is still committed to providing our community with amazing food and outstanding service, without having to be so noisy about it. It’s just a low key and perfect spot to feel alive as you watch the kids of Uptown stroll by.
St. Anthony Main and the Stone Arch Bridge
We like to walk the bridge and the full loop down through Boom Island. Enjoy lunch at one of the picnic tables by the river on Boom Island, look into the eyes of your partner or BFF, and just be. So relaxing!
Saint Dinette and CHS Field
We all love the Saints’ sleek new ball park in Lowertown St. Paul, but skip the boring hot dog and instead, have dinner a few blocks away at Saint Dinette before the game! The cheeseburger is crazy good and crazy simple–just a perfect double patty with good old melty American cheese and pickles on the side. Chow it down with a tequila-spiked Negroni Puebla and some fries (ask for a side of remoulade! no regrets) and you’ll be ready to cheer “Charge!” from the bleachers.
Cedar Point Beach
By far our favorite beach. It’s nice and quiet, especially on the weekdays. Pack a picnic and a couple of cans of Rosé and head out!
Artist-Designed Mini Golf at the Walker
Putt-putt just got interesting! The Walker’s mini golf course is the perfect combo of art, outdoors, and friendly competition. Each hole is designed by a different artist: you can feed the hungry snake, tap your ball into the giant gumball machine, laugh as you make it into the overturned urinal (YEP), and play “table tennis” while you’re at it. And if it’s scorching hot, dip into the museum when you’re done–your mini golf ticket gets you in for free!
How are you finishing off this summer? Tell us in the comments below!
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