Revival – Rhone!

After a long hiatus taken by the Girls & Grapes group, our gaggle of gals brought it back together this past week to review the Rhone and a few of its surrounding areas. Attached is the much anticipated list of wine reviews with tasting notes, price-points, values, and pairings.  Catch ‘em while they’re hot and (as always) take our suggestions ALL at your own risk.  Salut!
Here are the much anticipated list of wine reviews with tasting notes, price-points, values, and pairings. Catch ‘em while they’re hot and (as always) take our suggestions ALL at your own risk.  Salut!

Sud de France Picpoul de Pinet – Languedoc-Roussillon

Best Buck for Buck!
Crisp, green apple, fresh, lively – lovely!!  An excellent value for approx. $12 on the shelf.

Sud de France Reserve de la Saurine Rosé – Vin de Pays du Gard, France

Sour cherry, watermelon, basil.  We love this and it’s only $9 on the shelf!

Prima Donna Tavel Rosé – S Rhone

Alcohol, cherry chapstick, no bueno – we no likey.

Domaine des Remizières Crozes Hermitage (white) – N Rhone

Grapes: Marsanne, Roussanne
Lemon Curd, the toasted nut notes to this wine make it a lovely pairing to this pinenut cous cous we’re having (from Surdyks) – great food wine!

Domaine Durand Cornas (Syrah) – N Rhone

Big, massive -Tar, smoke, blkberry, blk pepper, dust, and tastes a bit charred.  We’re okay with it, but at the same time, it’s a bit massive and obtrusive.

La Domeliére Rasteau (Dry Grenache) – S Rhone

$20 We love, love, love!!  Supple, spicy, strawberry, pretty- amazing with Surdyk’s pickled beets!

Domaine de la Solitude Châteauneuf-du-Pape (2005) – S Rhone

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
Christmas spice, clove, mace, all spice – violet.  We love this!!  This is the winner so far!!  On the shelf for approx. $60
Meaty, smokey, organic smelling, Big Red Cinnamon finish, tannin, sileage – big ass balls!!!  We could drink the H-E-Double Hockey Stick out of this!!!
We guessed Hermitage, Crozes Hermitage, Cote Rotie
A perfect pairing to our greek seasoned grilled lamb chops!! 

Emmanuel Darnaud Crozes-Hermitage – N Rhone

White pepper, blkberry, boysenberry ihop syrup, pencil shavings – we think carbonic maceration (bubble gum)
Not expecting this!  100% Syrah  We do not likey this!!  Not worth the $30 on the shelf.

GJ Syrah , Vin de Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes (2010) – N Rhone

A Girls and Grapes Best Buy!
Smells like green and spicy and pokey!
‘What the hell is a nettle anyways?’  Lil Lindz.   This wine screams it!
White pepper, cranberry.  Barnyard and husky farmy but slightly muted.
Actual juice is a St Joseph Syrah “What?, It’s a Vin de Pays!”  $18 – We think this is a steal!! Everyday drinking Syrah-This is an outstanding Bang for your Buck!!

Clos de L’Oratoire Châterauneuf-du-Pape (2007) – S Rhone

Stinky, smells a bit maderized – raspberry, cranberry- cooked – massive vintage
Peppery, cinnamon stick.  Wine feels clumsy.  Smells bourbon-y.
Oh boy, this is a story of Texas girls vs. Midwestern girls
WE (as Midwestern girls) are German Rieslings!!!  We are meant to go the distance.  This wine is NOT.
Of course this is a CDP!!!  Worst bang for our buck – $50

Pierre Amadieu Vacqueyras ‘La Grangeliere’ (Grenache/Cinsault) – S Rhone

Strawberry, rhubarb, scallion, minty – Allison says ‘Excellent structure!’
Feels grippy but the girls like it.  Leslee no likey.  Leslee says ‘Too green and abrasive for Grenache.’
We’re all indifferent about the wine.

Féraud – Brunel Rasteau – S Rhone

Barnyardy- ‘It’sparticularly funky in the mouth’ Macha says… ‘It’s horsey!’
Not alotta fruit there… we need more suppleness.  We think it’s very bret-y.
Grenache – We’re not sure we like it.   Not a good buy for $28

Auriola Châteauneuf-du-Pape – S Rhone

Tastes bacterial again.  Fruit is missing.  Raw Manure.  ‘Feels like an O in the middle?’  – Does this wine have life??
Fruit is high toned – yet, barnyard still.  Tart tart cherries.  Smoke.  Char.  Sour cherry.  Nope, we’re not a fan.

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