Shocking American Idol

If you missed the last episode to American Idol, well then you may want to order a couple bottles of bubbly and watch it with someone who taped it.

Un-freekin’-believable is the only thing I can say.  Embarrassed to admit, I watched the entire season only to be shocked with the season’s finale.

While the show was filled with mesmerizing performances including:  Steve Martin, Keith Urban, KISS, Lionel Richie, Queen, Queen Latifa, Rod Stewart, David Cook and the Black Eyed Peas with Fergie.  The show was one of the best I’d ever seen of the Idol, yet the final results were more mind-blowing than the reunion of the KISS army with Adam Lambert as their lead vocal.

If I weren’t so under the weather today, I would have been poppin’ bottles of bubb after every performance.  This is the television occasion where your best bottle of Pinot or your most coveted Cab doesn’t even deserve to be drank.  The only thing left to drink after a night like this is ‘bubbly’.

For those of you who watched as Kris Allen was awarded the title of the country’s new American Idol, I sat with my mouth dropped open knowing that this wasn’t the last I’d seen of my own personal favorite American Idol, Adam Lambert.  Dude, anyone who can rock out with KISS like that deserves his own bathtub full of bubbles!

Congrats to both who kept me watching, dvr-ing week after week, tied to the tube waiting for tonite’s results.  It was the best A I Finale to date and, still embarrassed, am looking forward to watching next year! 

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