New Year’s Resolutions

domSo I received this AWESOME picture today from one of my dearest girlfriends…funny, right?  Drinking Dom right from the bottle?  “How dare she?! ” some would say.  Yet I say, “Go For It, Sister!” 

My reasoning and why it should be tied into your New Year’s Resolutions when it comes to Wine!

1.  Stop Playing By the Rules ~  There are too many in my profession that take the F-U-N out of wine.  Posers that judge who you’re drinking, how you’re drinking it or how much it cost.  Tell ‘em just to ‘Shut up & Drink it!  for Pete’s sake.  Every once in a while, take one of your finest wines and just DRINK IT!  Stop pretending you don’t want to pick it up by the neck and slug it…  Enjoy life to its fullest!

2.  Be Real~  Your palate is your own.  Maybe someone shoved that big bottle of Dom Perignon in your face saying, ‘OMG, this is going to be THE best bottle of wine you’ve ever had!‘  And, you maybe didn’t like it…  Make your palate your own this year.  If it’s not your style, it’s not your style.  Shove the Astoria Lounge Prosecco back in their face and say, ‘THIS is MY favorite!’   Be PROUD of your own palate and stop pretending.  Maybe you’ll end up introducing someone to their new Favorite Wine.

3. Double Dawg Dare Yourself~  Always take two steps to the right or left in any one of your favorite wine retail aisles.  If you’re that person that always heads to the American Pinot Noir section…just check it a couple of steps to the left or right and head into another climate for your Pinot.  How about Chile, France or New Zealand for another style of Pinot?

4.  Keep Drinking, Dang it!~  I know, sounds terrific, doesn’t it?  Why?  Because it will make you a better wine drinker! I don’t mean to pick on my favorite gal pal (above), but she is a prime example of ‘The Little Wine Drinker that Could.’  When I first met her, all she drank was Moscato d’Asti.  A great wine, yet…she never really branched out and drank anything but.  And, within one year of taking zillions of Amusée’s Wine Classes (Named some of the Twin Cities BEST Wine Classes!) she’s stepped so far outside of her box, that she’s become her friends ‘go to’ wine gal.  Choosing grapes like Garnache, Pinot Noir and Carmenere – she’s an excellent case study for ‘The More you Drink, the more you learn and realize you like!’

And, as far as all those other New Year’s Resolutions that people make and end up breaking after the month of January…ditch ‘em.  Only stick to the easy ones that you can make sense of… Like Drinking More Wine!

Happy New Year’s, my friends!   May I see more of you in the upcoming year with Amusée!

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