From Beaune to Bublé

Michael BubleAll in one month, I feel like I’ve seen it all.  From my ventures starting in Croatia, to a quick trip back to the U.S.,  a delayed flight to Paris, ALL of Paris, to the world’s largest Burgundy tasting, and back home to Michael Bublé.  Really?

It’s been a whirlwind.  And, it’s been fun!  To top it off, Michael Bublé’s performance last nite at St Paul’s Excel Center really put the cherry on my sundae (if you know what I mean).  Not only was he everything that I thought he was going to be as a performer, but he delivered more.  It has been a long time since I’ve seen a concert that you actually felt like the performer really gave a rat’s hiney about his audience. 

My husband and I see a lot of live music, I mean really…quite a bit.  From all the big names to the small guys like Bela Fleck and Flight of the Concords, we really try to see a lot of performances here in the Twin Cities. There have been some really great acts that have come through Minneapolis, from Beyone, George Michael, Sting, Bon Jovi to the upcoming Dave Matthews concert – but none so far put on the ‘heart-string’ performance that Mr. Bublé did last nite. 

Michael’s charm, sense of humor, to his winky show stoppin’ performance was more than I had given him credit for before walking into the Excel last nite.  He seemed to connect to almost everyone in the crowd, stating he could see everyone to the top row while the light’s followed his points to the nose bleeds.  I, I, I…think I like him.  He started out by saying that some may call him ‘a chic kind of guy’ or that most of the men were dragged to the show with their wives, but MSP yelled in dismay proving him wrong as at least ten guys in the first two rows screamed, “I dragged HER here!”

None was truly better, however, than his prance down the isle row where my mother-in-law got to ‘touch’ Michael while skipping to his perch in the middle of the arena.  From his spot, he sang “Home”, one of my favorite Bublé songs (see? I didn’t even know I had a favorite BB song?!).  He made you fall in love with his music, his passion for his industry and his life.  Saying thank you over and over, stating that the Twin Cities was his favorite place to perform, he stole the show and maybe a few hearts. 

The ending act, with curtains closed, without a mic, and simply stated…a perfect Bublé alone, in front of the entire Excel, sang to the top of his lungs his ending verses.  Pretty killer.  It actually brought a tear to my eye. 

If his job was to sing with sincerity, as he said earlier in the nite, job well done Mr. Bublé.  And, in that case…I’ll take a fine glass of Bublé with that! 

I’m not a music critic but I sure do like listening to music while drinking good glass of wine and since NO WHERE in the Twin Cities serves a nice glass of wine at a theater or arena, I’ll just have to crank the Bublé at home with my bubbles! 

Cheers to you, Michael!

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