Grape Juice 101 Series: Perfect Pairings

6:00 pm

April 26, 2018

Grape Juice 101 Series: Perfect Pairings

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Grape Juice 101 (Intro to the Series…)

Come and get your wine game on with Twin Cities’ veteran sommelier, Leslee Miller, owner of wine consulting firm, Amusée + national wine club, Sip Better, in this series of fun and interactive ‘Grape Juice’ classes — as she partners with one of the most talked about spaces in the Twin Cities, cambria_V_BBack_gradientCambria Gallery!

Take one class or join us for all three classes in this series as Leslee brings the world of wine to life, without intimidation.  Leslee’s style is engaging, entertaining and (as she calls it) ‘gulpable’ for all levels of wine drinkers — from first timers to experienced sippers, we promise, this series is for EVERYONE.  Even those who know a great deal will walk out of this series with a whole bag of new tricks!


(This class has already taken place–March and April classes still available)  Feb 21:  Palate Training 101 – Sip like a SOMM in this palate training 101 class, as Leslee shows you the exact parts that make up wine: alcohol, acid, tannin and sugar.  Learn what makes your own palate tick and understand why you like some wines better than others.  Not only will we cover the basics of grapes and their regions, but we’ll dabble a bit with the basics of pairing.  Pairing to snacks, of course, is one of those ‘wine basics’ you best need to master if you want to become a real wine enthusiast. And by snacks, we’re talking popcorn to pickles!  Join us for this fun intro to the series.

March 22:  Grape Expectations – Learning the ‘weight’ of grapes and where they live in the world of wine is one of the important steps to understanding what suits your palate when it comes to vino.  From light to medium to full, red and white wines become a bit more comprehensible when you start to understand what lives where.  These are some of the most important building blocks when you start to move beyond your usual drinking zones.  Like Pinot Noir?  Leslee helps to show you the other 30 grapes out there that could be your new light bodied BFF red wine.  What about Cabernet?  A little separation anxiety?  I know I know!  Again, let Leslee lead you into understanding what grapes are best suited for the weight of wines you already love.  You might just find a new BFF grape while you’re at it! (This class comes with a few light bites including artisanal cheeses and charcuterie.)

April 26:  Perfect Pairings – Here’s where things get fun!  Alright, so we’ve covered the grape basics.  And now, you’ve got a pretty good grip on a few growing regions too, right?  So now it’s up to you to start hosting your own wine parties!  And when there’s a party, you’ll need food.  That’s where this next class comes in!  Leslee leads you through the basics of pairing the right foods to the right wines across the globe.  Delve into the list of quintessential food + wine pairings, while exploring some killer ‘outside the box’ pairings.  Get the inside scoop on how to prepare and pair wines to your next dinner party, select wine when enjoying a night out with friends at a restaurant or capturing the secrets to creating your very own ‘signature’ pairings at your next social gathering. With over 20 years of experience, Leslee’s easy approachability and ‘perfect pairings’ tips will have you sippin’ (and pairing!) like a SOMM in no time!

Parking Note:  Parking is available directly across the street at the Northstar Ramp for $6 a car, after 4pm. 

Classes are $35 per class.  No refunds.  

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