A Very Personal Wine Interview with the Conversation Hub

After listening last nite for the first time to my interview with The Conversation Hub and its host/creator Marc Vaillancourt, I thought…

‘Wow!  For the first time in a very long time – I was interviewed for more than just ‘what to drink’ – when it comes to wine.  How exciting!’

Not that every single media opportunity isn’t exciting, it is!  But when someone asks you really some of those – ‘How did you get into this crazy business?’ and you flow with an interview that really allows you to tell your story without time constraint – it truly bears a sense of reality and  honesty when it comes to one’s personal profession.

One thing that I have learned in my more recent years is…

The more honest you are with people, every single person that enters your life, the more real you present yourself.  With fault, with mistakes, without ego – allowing your whole self to show.  To be honest, there is more then to love about another.  It makes us all just a little bit closer, showing a side to reality that many just don’t allow for on a daily basis. 

With that, I suppose it’s become my mantra as I dive deeper into this World of Wine.  If you’re not able to relate to wine on a personal level then how will anyone ever begin to understand it?

Here is it – all of me – Why wine?  Why this Love of Wine?  and What are my connections when it comes to Life with Wine. 


#41 For The Love of Wine with Sommelier Leslee Miller by ryanl

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  • Leslee did a fabulous job in putting together an exquisite wine tasting event for our Maestro’s Circle. These top donors expect the highest level of sophistication from the Minnesota Orchestra and Leslee delivered. Not only did she speak eloquently about the wines served, but she arranged for fantastic cheese pairings and even etched wine glasses with our logo. It was a memorable event and I would proudly work with Leslee any time. Scott Mays, Advancement Officer
    Minnesota Orchestra
    Minneapolis, MN