One BIG Virtual Wine + Cheese Pairing Party!

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So you’re saying you really wanted to do this together, right? Your wish is my command!

I’m creating it, now all you have to do is order the wine, get your cheese, purchase your ticket + get comfy on the couch! Let’s just see how many of us we can squeeze onto the screen for this one😊

Here’s how we’ll make this Virtual Wine + Cheese Tasting Party happen!

  • Veteran Sommelier Leslee Miller, owner of Amusée + Sip Better will be joining you LIVE from ZOOM (a free cloud video conferencing platform) 7:00-9:00pm CST as we taste together online
  • Once you purchase your ticket via Eventbrite, we’ll send you an invite for our online wine class straight from ZOOM. (The directions for tuning in will be sent in the link)
  • You will have to create an account with Zoom + log in for each class.
  • Tune in at 7pm CST, grab your wine, cheese board + your comfy pants — then, chime in, socialize with your mates + meet other like minded peeps that love wine, too — all without leaving your own couch!

The Cheeses (if you are from MN, I do like shops like France 44, Surdyks, Whole Foods + Lunds/Byerlys for these selections below) :

  1. Grab a runny oozy brie of some sort — I will have a triple cream Brie on my board for tasting
  2. You’ll need a goat’s milk cheese, something soft + fresh. Like a bright white hunk of feta or fresh chèvre. I’ll have a chèvre with me.
  3. Purchase a nice chunk of Parmigiano-Reggiano + a tiny bottle of aged balsamic (the one that has a bit of a syrupy edge to it). I’ll have both!
  4. Next, you’ll need a wedge of Manchego. That’ll be an easy one to find.
  5. Also, an aged cheddar. I’m a huge fan of something English here or that delicious little number from Dodgeville, WI: Prairie Breeze Cheddar.
  6. Last, you will want a creamy blue of some sort — I love a Gorgonzola + am a sucker for Gorgonzola Picante.

Cheese Board Accoutrements (other pieces to have on your board, so that you can make this a full dinner date — just you, yourself + your cheese board😉):

  • Grab cured meats like Salumi (I like Soppressata or Genoa or both!), Mortadella, Prosciutto, Calabrese (a little spicy, yum!)
  • A mixture of nuts, crackers (I like GF for my boards), maybe some crunchy bread (hot out of the oven), and dried fruits (apricots, cherries, craisins)
  • I love a good fig jam or other jammy spreads for this
  • Smoked salts are fun for things like your blue cheese
  • Fresh wedge of honeycomb or a delicious truffle honey from the jar
  • I also love little squares of dark chocolate for the board, but that’s just me!

The Wines:

From the Sip Better store, you can purchase the wines I’ll be sipping from our CHEESE PAIRING PARTY BOX or, you can bring your own variations of what I’m having:

  1. I will have one of the three sparklings I have in this box: Keush, J. Laurens or Parés Baltà
  2. I will be sipping a Sauvignon Blanc, I have 2 to select from in this section (my selection for the night will be the Domaine du Rin du Bois)
  3. You will need a Sangiovese. I will be sipping the Volpaia from our section, or we also have the Villa Cafaggio for purchase, which will work perfect.
  4. Next, you need a red from La Mancha, Spain–the Tinto Velasco is what I will have.
  5. You’ll need a Pinot Noir. I have 4 to select from, and honestly — all of them will work great. This is really your preference. I will most likely be drinking the Drouhin.
  6. Purchase either the Force of Nature Zinfandel or the Three Wine Co ‘Field Blend’ (the latter is what I will be drinking).
  7. Last, you will want one of the DRY Rieslings I have in our shop section (they are all dry from that page) — I will be sipping the Weingut Stadt Krems Riesling.

How to SHIP the WINES directly to YOU!

  • Order the wines I recommend (above) via this shop section
  • Purchase them + have them shipped to an address where someone 21yrs of age will be on site to accept the package of wines
  • The wines MUST be ordered via Sip Better no later than April 5th in order to be delivered on time for our event on April 18th

Phew, that’s it!

Once you have all of these pieces in place — get your wine board happiness on, log in by 6:45pm for the event, and meet me on the couch. We’ll taste the wines + the cheeses one by one while I share quintessential tips for creating, pairing + mastering cheese + wine pairings. This is a two hour event — so make of it what you would like. The time will fly, trust me!

‘See’ you there!