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Where fried chicken is a staple, and there’s only one reason why the city has the nickname it has…because it’s damn hot!  When you think you know ‘hot’, come to the south.  With 95% humidity and average daily temps like 90-95 degrees, Hotlanta, is not a place to come if you’re not a heat person.…

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June 26, 2010

Seattle and The Purple Cafe

So I’m in Seattle.  And, I have to tell you, there is truly nothing like Seattle.  It’s such a great city.  Really.  If you’re looking for fun, colorful, lively, fresh and open to anything – try Seattle.  Not only are the steep-inclining city streets fun to walk up, but the peeps that you meet on…

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April 24, 2010

Looking for your own Twin Cities Food and Wine Experience? Head to the 112

In the dead of the winter, when spring seems still like months and months away, all Minnesotans need to enjoy the little things in life to keep them going.  For me, it’s good food and good wine.  Last nite, I enjoyed just that.  With a Saturday nite off, a very rare experience for me, my…

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February 21, 2010

Anonymous Food Critic Writes in…Review on new burger joint in Minneapolis – “Burger Jones”

Just to be clear on this one, I am not the author of this review.  It was passed on by an anonymous writer, however, I thought worth the posting… We may as well have duct taped the “gourmet cheese curds” and “exotic french fry sampler” directly to our thighs…  Although both were the highlight of…

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June 4, 2009
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